Top 5 applications to sell your business online

Today, more and more people are looking to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. And to sort out their interior and get rid of many objects, often unused, accumulated in closets for several years.

More sensitive to the economic and environmental impacts of our consumption choices, our lifestyle is changing. Getting rid of the superfluous to keep only the essential is becoming the trend, as Marie Kondo’s success shows.

And in the digital age, many of us don’t want to bother participating in garage sales or flea markets to sell their unused stuff.

And that’s a good thing: today there are many options to sell your stuff online with just a few clicks.

If you want to de-clutter your house or apartment while making money quickly, the following 5 applications are here to help you. You will be able to sell everything you no longer use at the best price and give yourself some well-deserved pocket money

Vestiaire Collective

The objective of Vestiaire Collective is simple: to allow you to find a solution to overflowing dressing rooms while earning a little pocket money.

Unlike other sites or applications (such as Vinted or Vide Dressing), Vestiaire Collective is above all dedicated to the sale and resale of luxury items or branded clothing, which you will be able to sell at much fairer and more interesting prices.

This community platform is ideal if you want to sell (or buy) unworn pieces, or gifts that may not be to your taste…

Facebook Marketplace

This platform allows you to discover and above all to sell items to people in your community easily and simply. And with more than 33 million users in France, the opportunity is quite interesting.

Individuals can post ads for free, which people around you will be able to see. You can then choose to send or hand-deliver them according to your preferences.


Just like Vestiaire Collective, Vinted is a community platform that allows you to buy and sell (or even trade) men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, as well as used accessories online.

With a very practical mobile application, it’s your ideal partner if you want to make a big sorting in the clothes you no longer wear. And by taking a little time to take care of your ads, you can save a lot. I personally sold for more than 200 euros in a few months thanks to the application, so I recommend it without hesitation!


Coming from abroad and starting to prove its applications to sell your business online in U.S, Shpok claims to be a kind of “mobile flea market” where you can sell your unused items to buyers near you.

If you have pieces and objects with an authentic and vintage spirit, or simply wish to find buyers

nearby, Shpok is there to help you.


Ebay garde aujourd’hui encore une image un peu plus “old school” que Leboncoin. Pourtant, des milliers d’objets s’y vendent chaque jour, et elle reste une plateforme pleine d’opportunité quand vous cherchez à vider rapidement vos placards.

L’un des inconvénients d’Ebay est que le site facture une légère commission qui correspond à un % de vos ventes. Mais cela vaut malgré tout le coup si vous avez des difficultés à vendre sur les autres plateformes. Mieux vaut leur laisser une petite commission que ne pas vendre du tout !

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