Cashback site: the best platforms (2021)

There are many ways to make money on the internet. Conversely, using a cashback site and applications is one of the best ways available to earn money by doing something you do on a regular basis anyway: shopping.

These sites offer you to recover between 1 and 20% of the amount spent in an online store. And all this without doing anything.

Among the most famous cashback platforms, you will find for example iGraal, Poulpeo, eBuyClub …

Discover in this article our recommendation of the best cashback site, and how to take advantage of cashback to earn money by shopping in just a few clicks.

Cashback: how does it work?

The idea behind cashback is simple.

Instead of going directly to the brand’s website to make your purchases, all you have to do is access the online store from a link that will be provided to you by the cashback site.

You always buy and receive your item directly from the brand, and the cashback site does not have access to any of your personal or banking information.

The only difference is that you will get a few euros of cashback through the site (for example, a percentage of the amount of your purchase).

How cashback platforms earn money?

Wondering how cashback platforms benefit from this transaction?

They have simply signed commercial agreements with thousands of online businesses. When people buy through these cashback sites (via the links they provide), the brands offer them a commission.

The cashback sites then redistribute a percentage of the amount they receive to their members.

How it works?

The process is usually quite simple: you just have to register to a platform (we present the most famous ones a little further down in the article).

As soon as your account is activated, a personal jackpot will be opened. The money corresponding to a part of your purchases will be paid into this jackpot.

To activate a cashback, simply select the brand or service you are interested in by clicking on a link, and make your purchases as usual on the merchant’s website.

The money will then be credited to your jackpot.

Warning: there is often a delay in validating your earned euros, which can be quite long (to avoid you returning your purchases in the meantime, for example).

How much do you expect to earn on average with cashback?

The cashback can be made with a fixed amount (5€ for any purchase, for example) or via a percentage of the amount of your expense (5% per order).

If you are used to placing orders on the internet, or if you often buy rather expensive things (think for example of travel, plane tickets, etc.), your cashback jackpot can grow quickly.

In any case, it’s a way to earn money easily and for free, so there’s no reason to deprive yourself of it.

The best cashback sites (2020)

It is in my opinion the best cashback site today.

It’s the one I personally use and recommend the most, along with eBuyClub. The main advantage of the iGraal cashback site is that it offers a very wide variety of product store categories. Just about any consumer goods and services are susceptible to excellent discounts!

The customer service is also excellent, always available and generous in case of problems.

It’s also extremely simple to use, including a browser extension system that tells you when the site you’re browsing is eligible for cashback, and lets you activate it with one click.

It is also one of the leading cashback platforms in France – and one of the best cashback sites in my opinion.

With nearly 2460 partners, you have a great chance to find what you’re looking for.

Especially since eBuyClub offers both online and in-store cashback!

Swagbucks is not a cashback site per se, but it offers cashback offers among other services.

Very popular in the United States, and increasingly known in France, it is an online platform for making money by performing several tasks, including :

  • Answering online surveys
  • Enjoy cashback on your purchases
  • Searching the web
  • Playing games
  • etc.

The cashback offer is more limited than with some competitors like iGraal, but the site is still very interesting if you are looking for a wider way to benefit from additional online income,

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