Earning money on the internet: 5 ideas to try in 2021

Internet is a real gold mine when it comes to setting up a dematerialized business or making ends meet. With a little creativity, will, or simply time, it is quite possible to achieve this.


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The principle of dropshipping is to sell products online by positioning yourself as a simple intermediary: you do not manage the stocks, nor the shipping of the parcels.

The customer places an order on your site and this one is then immediately sent back to your supplier who takes care of the logistic part.

Advantageous and relatively easy to set up, this e-commerce process has become enormously democratized lately.

If you wish to launch out in the adventure, it will be necessary for you to create an online store, to look for products to be sold and suppliers with whom to collaborate.

Sell training courses online

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An expertise, a hobby or simply the desire to share a know-how or a life experience? Earn money on the internet in an automated way with the sale of online training courses.

By creating useful content for your readers and by setting up an attractive and well thought-out sales tunnel, you could soon be at the head of an important online business.

The Systeme.io software, for example, is a turnkey tool that allows you to become an infopreneur quickly and without technical difficulties.

Rent your home on Airbnb

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The renting of housing from one individual to another has literally exploded in recent years, and for good reason!

Renting your apartment or house can be very profitable, so many people have turned it into a business model in its own right.

If this method involves using a dematerialized platform such as Airbnb, it should be noted that it is necessary to be physically on site or to use an external service provider to handle the rental

Become a blogger to earn money on the internet

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Starting a blog and creating content can lead to incredible opportunities.

In addition to being an ideal platform to use techniques such as affiliation or selling training, it is possible to monetize your blog with :

Becoming a blogger and attracting a large audience is not a one-day process: you have to be regular, consistent, and motivated.

The advantage is that you can dedicate only a few hours a week to it, alongside a full-time job, and gradually build your community.

Creating videos on Youtube

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Just like blogging, this is about content creation. The difference is that this content takes the form of a video.

If you are comfortable in front of the camera, you express yourself well and you can captivate crowds by speaking, this may be what you need.

The reference platform for sharing videos is of course Youtube.

As with a blog, owning a Youtube channel with a good audience rating is an excellent springboard for affiliation, sponsored videos or product sales.

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