5 warning that you’re not making enough money

There can be many reasons why you can’t save or save regularly.

And when you can’t find a solution, it can easily become very frustrating.

Do you feel like you’re making a decent salary, but still struggle with your bank account every month? There are two options: you’re spending too much, or you’re not earning enough.

And if you’re already keeping your spending under control and have a solid monthly budget, it probably means it’s time to find a way to increase your income.

You miss money at the beginning of the month

It is possible to have a “bad month” from time to time, during which urgent and unforeseen expenses impact your budget and make it difficult to make ends meet.

But if you are systematically struggling to make ends meet from the second week on, your income is probably to blame.

Apart from a problem with basic expenses such as high rent, or a problem with compulsive shopping, for example, running out of money too early in the month indicates that you are not earning enough money.

The feeling that your salary is already spent before you receive it is a problem, and adds to the stress around your personal finances.

Solution: Find ways to increase your income

  • Asking for a raise is probably an important step, especially if your salary is stagnant or you are not being paid what you are capable of.
  • Starting your own part-time business is also a way to supplement your income while developing your potential.
  • Take training courses to develop your skills and qualify for a higher-paying job or promotion.
  • Create passive income sources that will allow you to earn money without working day and night.

You have trouble paying your bills

If you have to choose between bills that need to be paid because you can’t pay them all at once, you probably have a cash flow problem.

It is important to find a way to remedy this situation, otherwise you risk falling into credit and late payment penalties.

Taking short and long term measures is essential.

Solution: Sort out your expenses

Until you can earn more money, try to reduce your expenses as much as possible and sort out your bills.

Are all your subscriptions relevant and useful? Are you spending money on things that aren’t worth it or that don’t really contribute to your growth?

Take a look at your expenses to make sure you’re not wasting money every month. Because living on a tight budget doesn’t mean going without. And for this, your monthly budget is your best ally.

You can also go through a platform like Origame , which allows you to reduce your monthly bills simply and for free. They propose you offers to save money on your contracts, and can also take care of the cancellation of your unnecessary subscriptions in a few clicks.

You feel underpaid

This one is a little more obvious. Yet many people ignore that little voice that reminds them that they are probably not being paid what they are worth.

If you feel that you are not being paid enough for your current job, in addition to being irritated and harboring resentment for your employer, you are unfairly limiting the achievement of your financial goals.

Solution: Request a raise

Think about talking to your manager about the situation, and ask for a raise if it is justified.

In any case, your request must be prepared and argued so as not to fall like a hair on the soup.

You are in trouble with every emergency or unexpected event

It’s not news that money can be a source of tension and stress. But this concern can be greatly reduced with a little preparation.

For example, there’s a difference between being upset that your fridge just broke down and you don’t know how to replace it since the last sales drive that emptied your bank account, and just being annoyed that you have to open your wallet.

If you’re constantly worried about money and your expenses, you probably don’t make enough money to cover them and live comfortably. Put your worry to good use by starting to develop a plan to change your situation.

Solution: Be proactive in managing your personal finances

By now you’ve figured it out: following a budget is the first step to keeping your finances under control

A budget allows you to plan your purchases in advance. An emergency fund will allow you to cover unexpected expenses without stress.

If you have to deal with financial crises all the time, reaching your goals is bound to be more difficult.

You have no expenses to cut

All your subscriptions are essential and useful, you don’t eat at the fast-food restaurant all the time, you do your shopping in a planned and thoughtful way

If you’ve created and clearly categorized your budget, but still don’t have any expenses to limit or cut, you probably need to earn more.

Solution: Look for new sources of income

Having a controlled budget goes far beyond cutting all your expenses. Because indulging yourself remains essential in managing your finances… as long as it is done in a thoughtful way.

There are several solutions to earn money quickly that will allow you to replenish your accounts in time to increase your income in the long term.

You are not moving towards your financial goals
You have dreams, future goals, personal or professional projects… all on hold or limited by lack of money? This could be a sign that you should be earning more.

Sure, when you’re just starting out in life and your salary is still limited, it can be normal to have trouble putting money away for decades to come. But this situation should remain temporary.

Because the sooner you start making your money grow, the better off you’ll be, thanks in part to the magic of compound interest.

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